Martin John Butler

Singer Songwriter Producer

 MARTIN JOHN BUTLER: NYC recording artist, singer/songwriter/producer/guitar teacher was raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., lived in London until 4 years old, and studied music at Brooklyn College. At 6 became first soloist in the New York All City chorus and was featured in a NY State PBS program. At 15, his first band Triton earned a weekend residency at Dodgers Bar, a well known Blues/Jazz club in downtown Brooklyn and played sold out shows at the legendary Cafe` Wha in Greenwich Village.

Martin's next band Pandora, was a Hard Rock/Glam band. Pandora featured future stars, drummer Frank LaRocca, (Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, John Waite, David Johansen Band). Bassist Buzzy Verno, (David Johansen Band, Cherry Vanilla) and vocalist Rick Prince (Plum Nelly, Mick Jones). Arf Arf records "posthumously" released a CD of a demo Pandora recorded in a Cleveland, Ohio loft, done when Martin John was 17, to acclaim in Rolling Stone and a cult following online. A vinyl edition of Pandora's "Space Amazon" is coming  in 2020, and a documentary is being planned for the release.

After Pandora, Martin John formed The Demons with singer Eliot Kidd, originally including Heartbreakers guitarist Walter Lure. The Demons were part of the first wave of Punk bands playing at CBGB. Temporarily managed by Hilly Crystal, they recorded a Live at CBGB vol. II album that was never released. Craig Leon, (Ramones, Blondie) produced that recording, and brought The Demons to the attention of Mercury Records.

Their debut album "The Demons", sold 250,000 copies, reaching Billboard's # 1 in eleven states, but the untimely death of drummer Mike Rappoport, and the incarceration of singer Eliot Kidd on drug charges led to Mercury discontinuing their support. The Demons shared bills and friendships with legendary NYC groups, The New York Dolls, Blondie, Mink DeVille, The Ramones, The Dictators, Patti Smith, Television, The Heartbreakers, among others..

After The Demons, Martin John began a solo career, writing and producing music for radio and television. His songs were featured in numerous TV shows, including, Wiseguy, The A Team, Walker, Texas Ranger and MacGyver, eventually winning a CLIO award, and Radio Mercury Best Radio Commercial as a writer/producer.

Throughout a twelve year battle with a life threatening illness, Martin John taught music privately. Recovering, and reemerging as a singer/songwriter/producer with a solo CD, "Watching The Days Fall" in 2007, his song "Wait For Nothing" was featured in the compilation CD "Day One", the proceeds going to first responders of the 9/11 tragedy.

Married in 2012 to yoga teacher, reflexologist, Janet Dailey, a former Atlantic Records recording artist with The Pleasure Bombs, they formed The Naam Music Project, creating a new genre, New Mantra. Martin John continues teaching guitar as director of The Rock & Roll Schoolhouse, his next album, "What the Heart Only Knows", was released in 2019.

MJB wrote and produced music for the award winning documentary WishMakers in 2017 .

Martin John Butler's YouTube channel features live performances and demos of audio recording gear. He's been featured on the live Americana radio show The Heartland Hayride and at Nashville's American Pickers.

Martin John teaches beginner and intermediate guitar privately in NYC. His Music is a Language teaching method has enabled thousands of people to learn to play without the stress and anxiety of traditional teaching methods. Please leave a message in the contact section above and he will get back to you.


Martin John Butler "What the Heart Only Knows"  2019 release

Pandora "Space Amazon" Vinyl LP Supreme Echo Records (2020))  

Co-wrote "Life is Hard" with Dusty Wright on "Caterwauling Toward the Light" (2017)
Wrote and produced music for the documentary film, WishMakers (2017)

The Naam Music Project - New Mantra - Riverside Drive Records (2014)

Pandora - "Space Amazon" - Arf Arf Records (2010)

Martin Butler - "Watching the Days Fall"- Riverside Drive Records, (2007)

Day One - "Wait For Nothing" - benefit for 9/11 first responders - Moon Records (2005)

Busta Jones _ Spring Records  (1980)                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Demons- Mercury Records 1978

Photographer: James A. Willis




New album "What the Heart Only Knows" now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and CD Baby.